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Online Banking Information

Update your account information.

First time users: your password is your Touchtone Teller (phone) Access Code. If you don't use Touchtone Teller, please call a Star One Phone Representative at (408) 543-5202 or (866) 543-5202 to get your Touchtone Teller Access Code. Learn more about passwords.

Registered users: enter your member number (no leading zeros) or Alternate ID and your Password from our homepage to enter Online Banking.


The My Accounts tab takes you to the main page of Online Banking where your account info is displayed. From here you have access to all of Online Banking's features. Use the My Accounts tab to "escape" back to the main page if you become confused while working within Online Banking.

The My Accounts page shows up-to-the-minute balance information on your deposit, loan, and investment accounts. To view detailed account activity, including deposits, withdrawals and transfers, simply click on the corresponding account title. From here you may choose to view additional account history (current maximum is approximately 1 year) by clicking on the double arrows pointing left and right, located at the top and bottom of the section.

 In your checking account history, click on the check number to see front and back images of the cleared check.

 The Move Money tab allows you to make current, one-time transfers between your accounts and loans. It also allows you to make Principal Only payments to your Star One loans (excludes Visa & HELOC payments). Also within the Move Money dropdown box is the "Scheduled Recurring Transfer" link and the "External Funds Transfer" link.

To make a transfer, click in the "Transfer Amount" text box and enter the desire dollar amount. Next, click on the "FROM Account" box. You will be presented with a drop down menu showing all of your eligible accounts, along with the current balance** in each account. Select the account from which you wish to transfer the funds (also known as the Source Account). Repeat the same procedure for the "TO Account" (Destination Account). Select the type of payment and then click on the "Transfer Funds" link.

Your transfer will take place immediately provided there are no holds on your accounts and the funds are available for transfer. If you are making the transfers outside of normal business hours, the transfer will be posted using the next business date. A transaction results page will appear after the transfer is processed. This page displays the post date, the previous and new balances in both accounts, and a transaction reference number. Also in the Move Money tab is a dropdown where you can set up and edit Scheduled Recurring Transfers.

Please note:

  • Scheduled Recurring Transfers take place early in the morning, followed by our ACH posting. If you want to transfer funds on the same date as you plan to receive them via ACH, we suggest you schedule the transfer for the following day.
  • Current "Fifth-of-the-Month Transfers" will not be affected by scheduling a new transfer. Please contact us at (408) 543-5202 or (866) 543-5202 if you would like to delete your current "Fifth-of-the-Month Transfer." Then go into Online Banking and set up your own on any day and for any time frame you choose.
  • If you currently have automatic payments set up to make payments on a Star One loan or a Star One Visa card, contact us at (408) 543-5202 or (866) 543-5202 if you would like to make a change.

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Note on Federal Regulation D:

"Reg D" limits the number of electronic transfers you may make from a savings account during a calendar month to six. This applies to Scheduled & Recurring Transfers set up in Online Banking, telephone transactions, and transactions requested through Secure Support. Loan payments, including payments to your Visa Credit Card, are not counted. There is no limit on the number of electronic transfers you may make from your checking account.

 There are five types of Notifications that you may choose from.

  • Account Balance (based upon the total account balance and includes notifications for loans and Visa balances)
  • Maturity Date (used for Certificates and IRAs)
  • Check Cleared
  • Periodic Balance (based on account balance and date), and
  • Personal Periodic (personal reminder e-mails) notification functions


To set up a new Notification, click on the "Notifications" link. Choose the type of notification you prefer from the drop down menu, then click "Add." Choose your criteria. Be sure to complete the e-mail message with relevant information (maximum 34 lines). Enter either your e-mail address or your SMS/Text address in the "E-mail to" box.

SMS/Text formats from major carriers are shown below:

AT&T –
Verizon –
T-Mobile –
Sprint PCS -
Virgin Mobile –

US Cellular –
Nextel -
Boost -
Alltel –

To enter more than one e-mail address, separate with a semicolon (not available for SMS/Text messages). Click "Save Notification" to complete the set up process.

To edit or delete your Notification, just click on the corresponding link under "Action" on the "Notifications" page.

Tip: Use the Notifications feature to track your account balances in an effort to quickly discover possible fraudulent activity on your account. You can set up notifications for loans as well. An example is to set up your Visa Account to send a notification when your balance reaches a certain level in order to track usage.

Our "Account Export" facility allows you to export your account information into either a QFX, QBO, CSV, OFX, and other formats. These formats are compatible with the Intuit's Quicken & QuickBooks, and other software packages as well as MS Excel. It is located under the Other Functions dropdown menu and it is named "Account Export".

You can place a stop payment on any personal check by clicking on the "Check Stop Pay" link located in the "Other Functions" tab dropdown menu. You will need to choose the correct account the check was written on from the drop down menu, then enter the check number, amount, date written, and payee name. You may choose to enter a "comment" as well, which will appear on your statement. There is a $13 fee. To stop payment on a series of checks or Bill Pay Laser Check (995XXX), please call our Member Services Department at (408) 543-5202 or (866) 543-5202 for assistance or send us a Secure Support message by clicking on the Support link.

Search for your transactions by dates, check numbers, or transaction amounts in all your Star One accounts by using the "Search Account" link.

Use "FinanceWorks" to help you with all your budgeting needs. Click on the "Take the Tour" link to learn more. It is located under the Other Functions dropdown menu titled "FinanceWorks".

Sign up for "eNotices/eTax/eLoan Coupons" and receive e-mail or text alerts when a new one is available. It is located under the eStatement / eNotices / eTax dropdown menu. Learn more here.

Click our Online Services tab and in the dropdown you will find;

  Mobile Enrollment, ezDeposit, and 24/7 Loans
  Open a Checking, Sub-Savings or Certificate account

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 You can pay your bills online using Bill Pay. A short registration process is required. Please take a moment to read the "Bill Payment Service Agreement" when you register, as it provides valuable information regarding scheduling, processing, and fees. It takes approximately 3 business days from the time you register until you can start paying your bills online.

You must have a checking account in order to use Bill Pay. To open a Star One Checking Account, click here. Visit our Bill Pay "Important Points" page for more specific information.

Enroll in Mobile Banking. Simply complete the short enrollment form. Learn more here.

 Online Forms allow you to apply for the products and services shown. To use this feature, click on the product or service that interests you and complete the form. Please make sure that you have read any disclosure text, if shown, before submitting the application. Because you are logged in to Online Banking, some of your personal information will auto-populate on each form. The form you are using determines what kind of information will auto-populate.

 You can view your monthly DDA account statement, Visa statement and more by mousing over the eStatements/eNotice/eTax tab. Each of your monthly eStatements is available in .pdf and .html file format. We keep 7 years of online statements for you, beginning the month after you enroll.

You can search and sort on the .html version by clicking on the up and down arrows in the blue Transaction Description bar behind the Transactions and Checks Cleared tabs. Click on the check number to see front and back images of the cleared checks. If the description of the check includes "W/D DRAFT" this check was electronically converted and the images will not be available. Click on the Help link for context sensitive help.

Star One will stop mailing paper statements when you sign up for Online Statements. Your Online Statements begin to appear on the first business day of the month following your sign up date.

We send you an e-mail reminder when your Online Statement is available for viewing. As a result, you will be required to provide an e-mail address in the User Options section of Online Banking. If you change your e-mail address in User Options, you must click on the Online Statements link afterward to sync up your e-mail address to the Online Statements system.

There are no fees or account restrictions for requesting any paper statements or choosing to withdraw your consent for online statements.

  • To enroll, mouse over the eStatements/eNotice/eTax tab. After you agree to the disclosure, click on "Delivery Options" then choose your statement type. Finish the prompted steps. Deposit checks online using ezDeposit.


My Settings is where you do your Online Banking "housekeeping." You may:

  • change your password
  • update your e-mail address, and phone contact information for the One Time Passcodes
  • choose "nicknames" for your Online accounts for easier reference. Using this feature you may also elect not to display selected accounts (go to "User Options" to do this)
  • set up your Alternate Login ID.
  •  If you choose to change your Login ID back to your member number, you will need to call us

The Help link is context-sensitive (depending on the current page being viewed) and will bring up detailed information about the feature currently displayed on your screen.

Click our Support link (Secure Support) to:


Send and receive encrypted e-mails from within Online Banking using Secure Messaging! You will receive an acknowledgment e-mail to the address you provided in User Options, but Star One responses can only be accessed by logging in. A response from our Knowledge Base will display first. Older messages are filed after 30 days.



Use our Knowledge Base to find quick answers to your questions. Just type in your question or browse by Category. This can also be found on our Contact Us page.

Be sure to click on the Logout link at the end of every session.

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