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Star One's free Online Banking can be accessed from our homepage. You must have an assigned Touchtone Teller Access Code to use Online Banking. If you are a first time user, or haven't logged in for 365 days, your temporary Online Banking password is your current Touchtone Teller (phone) Access Code.

When you log in for the first time using your Touchtone Teller Access Code, you will be required to change your Online Banking password. This will not affect your Touchtone Teller Access Code. If you don't use Touchtone Teller services, please call a Star One Phone Representative at (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202. If you are a registered user, enter your assigned member number and password. Learn more about passwords.

We recommend using the latest version of your browser. You must enable JavaScript and accept cookies in order to use Online Banking. Your browser must support encryption technology, which ensures your data is secure. We require the use of 128 bit encryption browsers. You can check your level by opening your browser and clicking on the drop down menu "Help/About".


Security refers to preventing unauthorized access to a computer system or network. AXIS™ Internet Banking* uses several layers of technology to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to our internal network. Star One's security professionals manage a sophisticated networking architecture that includes screening routers, filtering routers, and firewalls.

Online Banking uses software that incorporates full data encryption to ensure the security and privacy of transactions. This encryption technology is so secure that it is classified by the U.S. Department of Defense. United States law forbids export of this technology to other countries. As a further security measure, Online Banking utilizes its Internet server as a firewall, thereby preventing customer data from being directly accessed via the Internet.

To ensure security, we recommend the following:

  • Never reveal your password.

    Password or PIN refers to your Touchtone Teller Access Code or the password that you selected when you signed up for Online Banking. If you have questions about which number to use to access Online Banking for the first time, contact us at (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202.

    Passwords are case sensitive. Mixing uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters is permitted. Your Online Banking password must be between 6 and 32 characters.

  • You can change your Online Banking password under My Settings at any time. It is recommended that you change your password every six months. Log into Online Banking and select the "My Settings" link.

    NOTE: We do not have access to your Online Banking password. If you forget your password, please use the "Forgot Password?" link, or contact us and ask us to reset your Online Banking password to a temporary password. When you log into Online Banking, you will be prompted to update your Online Banking password. This will have no effect on your Touchtone Teller Access Code.

  • Use the Logout link to end your Online Banking session. This will expire all the cookies that were set during your Online Banking session. Do not use the Back key.

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A "cookie" is a small piece of information (a text file) that a web server can store temporarily with a web browser. Once the cookie is stored, the site's web server can later retrieve that information for that browser.

When browsing the web, any cookies that are sent to a browser are stored in the computer's memory. When the browser is closed, any cookies that haven't expired are written to a cookie file so they can be reloaded next time the browser is used.

The pre-expired cookies keep the session alive until the end user logs out properly or times out of Online Banking (20 mins). Once this occurs, the end user must log in with their User ID and Password to gain access again. This ensures that another user using the same computer cannot access the previous session.

By default, Safari 6+ blocks all third-party cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of online banking including FinanceWorks, Bill Pay and other third-party services to function incorrectly.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing these parts of online banking from Safari 6+, please verify your cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting the Command key plus the comma key, then looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to "Never."


To disable the "Accept Cookies" warning in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0 +:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, click on "Internet Options.'
  2. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
  3. To enable Java, verify that the "Enable Java" and "Enable JavaScript" boxes are selected.
  4. Click on the tab marked "Security" (use "Privacy" tab for IE 7+ and select the desired section).
  5. Click on the button marked "Custom Level."
  6. Under "Java" make sure the radio button is set to "Medium Safety."
  7. Under "Scripting of Java Applets" make sure the radio button is set to "Enable."
  8. Under "Cookies", allow per-session cookies (not stored), make sure the radio button is set to "Enable."
  9. Under "Cookies", allow cookies that are stored on your computer, make sure the radio button is set to "Enable."
  10. Click on "OK" until completely exited from the menu.

Return to the log-in screen to start a new session. This error indicates that you did not accept one or more cookies or accepting of Third Party Cookies are turned off. You must accept cookies to enter the secured encrypted site. Since there are several within Online Banking, it is suggested that you disable the cookie alert within your browser while viewing your account information.

As soon as a member signs off Online Banking using the Logout link, all cookies are automatically terminated. Use the Logout link to end an Online Banking session. When the Logout link is used to exit Online Banking all of the cookies expire that were set during your session.

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Online Banking registration. Use your current Touchtone Teller (phone) Access Code if you are a first time user.

If you are entering your Touchtone Teller Access Code in order to enter Online Banking and your phone password contains letters, convert the letters to numbers using a Touchtone phone keypad
Example: The password 12mary would be converted to 126279.

The first time you access Online Banking you will be prompted to change your password. The new password you select must contain at least two of the following; letters, numbers, or symbols. The password can be between 6 and 32 characters in length. Remember that letters are case sensitive. This will not affect your current Touchtone Teller (phone) Access Code.

Your Online Banking password is now independent of other computer systems. Your Touchtone Teller Access Code will remain the same unless you change it on the phone system. You may now change either code at any time without affecting the other. Remember, they are independent of one another.


Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9 & 11
Safari 8 
(Mac only) 
Online Banking
Not Supported
Bill Pay
Not Supported
Finance Works
Not Supported



Cookies JavaScript Screen Resolution Minimum Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Flash Player
Enabled - first and third party Enabled 1024 x 768 Version 9.x or higher Version 10 or higher

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that newer browsers be used to access Online Banking.


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In Microsoft® Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on "Help"
  2. Click on "About Microsoft® Internet Explorer"

In America Online Web Browser:

  1. Click on "Help"
  2. Click on "About America Online"


Within Online Banking there is an option to download your transactions into Quicken® or QuickBooks®, or MS Excel (.csv files). Your financial information is provided in a format that is compatible with your PFM's software. See below for instructions on how to use the PFM software. Use the dropdown menu on the form within Online Banking to select the proper version.


Quicken Direct Connect

You can sign-up with Direct Connect within your Quicken application to download transactions from your Star Once accounts. Please refer to Quicken's software "Help" section for how to set-up and use the service. For your convenience, you may also access the Direct Connect registration page here. For assistance with Quicken software issues, please contact Quicken here.

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Log in Security Information

Internet Explorer Content Adviser End Users that have Content Adviser enabled in Internet Explorer will require some changes that need to be made in order to use Internet Banking.
  1. Click on Tools.
  2. Select "Internet Options"
  3. Select the "Content" tab
  4. Select "Settings" and input the Content Supervisor password. (The password was created when Enabling the Content Adviser, if you have forgotten this password contact Microsoft)
  5. Select "Approved Sites"
  6. Copy and paste the entire Login page URL, For example:
  7. Select "Always" and then click "Apply"
  8. Click "OK" to close the Window.
  9. When logging into Internet Banking, you may see the following message box:

  10. Select "Yes" to continue.

Additional Third Party Software (TPV)

Due to increased security, certain third party toolbars/software may prevent end user access into Internet Banking. This can also include some types of pop-up blockers. In order to log in to Internet Banking, this software may need to be disabled or uninstalled. Please refer to the third party vendor instructions for information on how to perform these steps.

Return to the log in screen to start a new session. This error indicates that you did not accept one or more cookies or Third Party Cookies is not enabled. In order to enter the secured encrypted site you must accept cookies.

IMPORTANT: If you are prompted with a dialog box that asks you to reenter your password, (after initially entering your member number and Online Banking password), your browser may not support JavaScript™, or JavaScript™ may not be enabled. A browser upgrade may be necessary.


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Find and Replace - Control + F is a find and replace feature on the browser that allows you to search for key words.

Error Messages - To show Star One the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen, then press Alt + Print Screen on your computer's keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard which can then be transferred to a Word document or other application.

When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting Star One:

  1. Close the browser.
  2. Retry.
  3. Close the cache, reload, or refresh.

After trying this and you still continue to receive the error message, contact Star One.

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