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Multiple Membership View FAQs

Q.  What is Multiple Membership View?
A.  Multiple Membership View gives you the ability to view multiple memberships under one member number log in inside Online Banking. You must be the primary or joint owner or custodian on all subject membership accounts.
Q.  Can anyone sign up for Multiple Membership View?
A.  Yes.  There are no restrictions other than the fact that you must be an Online Banking user.
Q.  How do I sign up?
A.  Use the form in Online Banking behind the Online Forms tab called the “Multiple Membership View Form.” 
Q.  Can I transact between memberships that are shown together in Multiple Membership View?
A.  Yes, you can make transfers between memberships.
Q.  Why do I have to delete my current Scheduled Transfers in Online Banking before I can set up Multiple Membership View?
A.  This is a system requirement.  Current "Scheduled Transfers" between the accounts set up for Multiple Membership View must be deleted and re-established after Multiple Membership View is activated in Online Banking. 
Q.  All my account numbers are the same!  How can I tell them apart?
A.  Just click on the “My Settings” link from your chosen membership account and then choose “Account Nicknames” to give each account its own name.  These nicknames will only show in Online Banking and cannot be seen from other membership accounts.
Q.  What if I don’t want to view all the accounts in a particular membership?  
A. Just click on the “My Settings” link from your chosen membership account and then choose “Account Nicknames.”  In this area you can not only name each account, you can also enable/disable viewing it in Online Banking. You can change this at anytime.
Q.  I want to cancel.  How do I do that?
A.  Complete the “Multiple Membership View Form” and click the “Cancel” check-box at the bottom. 


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