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Security at Star One

Security & Password Information

The security of your data is extremely important to us. As a result, Star One Credit Union uses several layers of technology to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to our internal network. Star One's security professionals manage a sophisticated networking architecture that includes screening routers, filtering routers, and firewalls.

To ensure the security of your financial information at Star One, we recommend the following:

  • Never reveal your password
    Passwords are case sensitive. Mixing uppercase and lowercase letters as well as symbols is encouraged. Your Online Banking password must be between 6 and 32 characters in length. Learn more about your Star One passwords.

  • Create a "Strong" Online Banking Password
    A strong password includes a combination of case, letters, numbers, and symbols and is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

  • Avoid using Password Managers
    Even though they seem convenient, password managers create a habit of not changing your passwords regularly, (making it easy for you to forget your passwords), and they can override new passwords resulting in verification errors.

  • Change your Online Banking password regularly
    We recommend that you change your password often. Log in to Online Banking and select the "My Settings" icon to do so.
    NOTE: We do not have access to your Online Banking password. If you forget your password, please use the "Forgot Password?" link, or contact us to reset your Online Banking password to a temporary password. When you log in to Online Banking, you will be prompted to update your Online Banking password. This will have no effect on your Touchtone Teller Access Code.

  • Use our Forgotten Password Feature
    To retrieve your forgotten password, click on the "Forgot Password?" text on our homepage. You must have a phone number set up as a security contact in Online Banking to be able to use the "Forgot Password?" feature. You can update your security contacts in Online Banking by clicking on the "My Settings" link.

  • Use the Logout icon to end your Online Banking session
    Do not click the "X". Logging out will delete your Online Banking session cookie. Failure to do so may hinder your ability to log in again. Otherwise, you may close out your browser to delete your session cookie.

  • Balance your account at least once a month
    Report any discrepancies in a timely manner.

VeriSign Star One Credit Union has been certified with a secure certificate from VeriSign to communicate via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Digital certificates act as a digital ID that users or computers are authentic. To check any site certificate, double-click on the closed lock icon in the bottom corner of your screen.


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How Star One Protects You

Individualized password

When you sign up for Online Banking, we ask you to create your own password. Use this password in conjunction with your member number to access Online Banking.

Timed log off

Our Online Banking system will automatically log you off after a set amount of time. (The default time is 20 minutes.) This reduces the risk of others accessing your information from your unattended computer.


Our computer systems are protected by a series of powerful firewalls that block unauthorized entry.


All online sessions are encrypted. This encryption technology is classified by the U.S. Department of Defense. United States law forbids export of this technology to other countries. Look for a "closed lock" icon in the lower corner of your browser to determine if encryption is being used. Any Web address beginning with "https://..." indicates the page you are viewing uses encryption. The "s" stands for "secured."

Constant surveillance

Star One's Information systems group maintains and monitors all security systems to make sure that your accounts are safe and secure.

Technology updates

Star One is committed to keeping up with and utilizing the latest technology to ensure your account security in the face of constantly evolving online threats. We work closely with our Online Banking provider (Digital Insight) to ensure that new browsers meet our high security standards and can be included in our list of supported browsers.

Confirmation letters

We mail you confirmation letters whenever you make a change to your contact information, account information, or Touchtone Teller Access Code.

E-Mail Correspondence from Star One

Member Communication E-Mails

Member Communication e-mail campaigns are sent on a regular basis to specific members for marketing reasons.They may also be used to alert large numbers of members affected by possible fraudulent activity. It is our policy to exclude links from all of our Member Communication e-mails in response to phishing threats. We will never ask you to disclose or verify personal information via e-mail.

One-On-One E-Mails

During the normal course of business you may receive an e-mail from a Star One employee. For your convenience we may include links in "one-on-one" e-mails to assist you in locating a certain online form or section of our web site. One-on-one e-mails will include the member's surname in the subject line. We will never ask you to disclose or verify personal information via e-mail.

E-Mail Correspondence to Star One

Secure E-Mail

We respond to all e-mails within one business day. There are two ways you can send us an e-mail.

  1. Log in to Online Banking and click on the "Support" icon, then click the "Secure Support" link. You can send AND receive encrypted e-mails within Online Banking. Responses are found by clicking on the "E-mail In Box" icon within "Secure Support."
  2. Use our Contact Us form to send us a secure e-mail. Any data being sent is encrypted, however, we suggest that you do not send sensitive information such as credit card numbers or password information. We un-encrypt the information after it has arrived within our internal secured network. Our reply to your message will be made through unsecured e-mail and will include your surname in the subject line. Reasonable efforts will be made to remove sensitive information prior to our reply.


Third Party E-Mails

You may receive e-mails from third parties who have business relationships with Star One. These vendors (such as CheckFree) may send you e-mails that include links to the Star One web site. Star One is not responsible for the functionality of links included in any third party e-mail.

Search Engine Tips

We discourage using search engines to find the Star One web site, since doing so can result in false or phished sites that may be harmful to your computer.

There are 2 safe ways to locate our site:

  1. Type in our URL in your browser's address bar:
  2. Set up a "bookmark" or "favorite" in your browser.

Report Scams

DO NOT OPEN e-mails from unknown sources. DELETE THEM. You may want to report the scam to the organization named in the e-mail, report it to the FTC, or forward the suspicious e-mail to the FTC at

Other Resources on the Star One Web Site

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