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Know Your Passwords and How to Use Them

If you take advantage of all the products and services that Star One has to offer, then knowing your passwords and how they are used is very important. You may be using one or more of the following:

  • Mobile Banking Password
  • Secret Password
  • Touchtone Teller Access Code
  • Online Banking Password
  • ATM/Visa Debit Card PIN
  • Visa Credit Card PIN

Your Mobile Banking password is assigned when you enroll in Online Banking.  Your password must be from 4 to 16 characters, using letters and numbers, and is case sensitive.  Do not use special characters.

 Your Secret Password is used to identify you when you call Member Phone Services for help. You normally establish your Secret Password when you open your membership account. All members are identified, using a variety of criteria, to ensure the security of account information. Your Secret Password is only one of the criteria that may be used.

If you do not have a Secret Password or would like to change it, please send a fax to (408) 543-5203 Attn: Account Services. Your signature on the request is required.

 Your Touchtone Teller Access Code is assigned when you open your Star One membership account. It is used as your default Online Banking Password, so you must have a Touchtone Teller Access Code in order to use Online Banking. You must call us if you are locked out of Online Banking to "unlock" your account. We will provide you with a temporary password. Call (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202 to speak with a Star One Phone Representative.

You may reset your Touchtone Teller Access Code at any time. Simply call (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202 to access the Touchtone Teller system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then follow the voice prompts. Click here for a complete list of options.

If you do not have a Touchtone Teller Access Code, please call (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202 to speak with a Star One Phone Representative.

 You may reset your Online Banking Password at any time as well. Log in to Online Banking and click on the "My Profile" link, then click the "Change" link next to your password to make your changes.

Forgot your password? Click the "Forgot Password?" link on the Star One Home Page.

  ATM/Visa Debit Card PIN is used for your ATM/Visa Debit Card only. If you forget your ATM/Visa Debit Card PIN, call us at the number above to speak with Card Services. We will send your current PIN to you in a confidential PIN mailer. You may also come to any branch to change your PIN. Be sure to bring your card and ID with you. Remember, your ATM/Visa Debit Card PIN is composed of digits only. Text based PINs are converted to digits when entered on the keypad.

Visa Debit Card ATM Card
Visa Debit Card ATM Card


Special Note about Foreign ATMs: Overseas travelers should know that ATMs outside of the United States do not normally include letters on their keypads. If you are currently using a text based PIN, you will need to convert it to a number based PIN. In addition, some foreign ATMs only take four digit PIN numbers. In this case, simply use the first 4 digits of your Star One PIN.

Please keep in mind that in many European countries the primary account is the checking account. As a result, you may not be given the option to withdraw funds from your savings account, since the checking account is assumed. If you have a savings account only, you may have difficulty using your ATM Card in Europe. Consider opening a Star One Checking Account.

Finally, your Star One Visa Credit Card PIN is used to withdraw cash from participating ATM network machines. If you forget your Credit Card PIN, call us at the number above. We will send your current PIN to you in a confidential PIN mailer only. You may not personalize your Credit Card PIN.


Remember, your privacy is our top priority. Star One Credit Union does not sell or rent your information to third parties, and will never ask you to disclose or verify personal information via e-mail.

If you have any questions about your passwords, please call Member Phone Services at (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202.

Account Access
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