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Fraudulent Cardholder Dispute & Affidavit Questions and Answers

Q. How long will it take for my account to be credited for the fraudulent transaction(s)?
A. Visa gives issuers 5 days to credit disputed check card transactions, 10 days for ATM transactions, and 30 days for credit card disputes. However, Star One will usually credit the account within a few days and under extenuating circumstances, possibly as soon as the same day the dispute is received dependent upon the number of fraudulent transactions and/or cases.

Q. Why should I file a police report?
A. A police report can be very helpful for law enforcement and Star One if the perpetrator committing fraud is caught and arrested. 

Q. I tried to file a police report but my local police department wouldn't take a report?
A. On occasion, we have been informed by members that their local police department would not take their report. This may depend upon the $ of the fraud or other factors. If your local police department will not take a report, please make a note of this in the corresponding section on the dispute/affidavit form.

Q. How can I prevent fraud from happening again?
A. Although there is no way to predict or prevent all fraud from happening, especially where you have no control over the situation, there are some good tips for minimizing fraud. If your fraud is a result of a lost card, report the loss immediately even if you think you may know where the card may be. We can temporarily restrict a card while you search for your card. If your card was stolen, be mindful about where your card or wallet was at the time it was previously stolen. Was it a situation where you left your card or wallet in a vehicle, shopping cart, etc? In any case, the moment you realize your card is missing or your balance is unusually high, or you do not recognize a charge, do NOT hesitate to call our Card Services department for assistance.

Q. I didn't lose or have my card stolen so how come there is fraud on my account?
A. Unfortunately, there are numerous fraud schemes in the world today. Your card information may have been stored by a merchant or merchant bank. The card could have been skimmed, meaning a device was attached to a card terminal with or without the merchant's knowledge which captures full magnetic stripe information making it easy to counterfeit a card. For additional fraud schemes or for more information, visit our Awareness and Information section on our website under tools. 

Q. I was notified that my card information had been compromised. Where was my card information compromised?
A. Visa does not provide card issuers specific information as to the source of the compromise but rather by type of data compromised and approximate date ranges of the compromise. However, on occasion, some compromises reach media attention where specific merchant or processor information is learned.

Q. How long will it take to receive my replacement card?
A. Most cards are received within 3-5 business days. Members can visit any Star One branch location for immediate replacement of Visa Credit, Debit Cards and/or ATM cards. Arrangements can also be made to expedite delivery for extenuating circumstances.

Q. What if I have preauthorized debits made to my compromised card number?
A. You should contact the merchant(s) immediately upon receipt of your replacement card(s) and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.


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