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Non-Fraudulent Cardholder Dispute & Affidavit Questions and Answers

Q. Why do I need to fill out a dispute form if there is a problem with my purchase?
A. In order for Star One to assist you with a dispute, important information surrounding your purchase and dispute are required. The information is used to appropriately categorize your dispute with Visa.

Q. The dispute box I checked on the form is asking for additional documentation. Why?
A. Some of the dispute reasons require additional documentation by Visa to help support your case. The dispute process is similar to a lawsuit, the side with the strongest evidence wins.

Q. What type of additional documentation should I include to support my dispute?
A. Correspondence to and from the merchant, additional paperwork associated with the charge, receipts, advertisements, etc. The more documentation you can provide, the more likely your case will be ruled in your favor. It is also a good idea to save your receipts for purchases where you have paid by another means (cash, another credit card, etc). If you are charged twice, you may be required to show proof that the charge was paid for by another means.

Q. Why am I being asked to contact the merchant?
A. In some cases, Visa requires that the merchant be given the opportunity to resolve the dispute whether it's to replace damaged merchandise, cancel a reoccurring charge, credit your account, etc. You should always take note of the date, time, and most importantly, the name of the person you spoke to and retain any cancellation, confirmation, or other identification number, if provided.  Retain all written communication such as e-mail correspondence as it will support your proof at an attempt to resolve the disputed transaction with the merchant.

Q. What should I do if I don't recognize a charge?
A. Call our Card Services department at Star One Credit Union immediately at (408) 543-5202 or toll free at (866) 543-5202. Often times, we can provide additional information that may be helpful in identifying a charge or can take necessary action if the charge cannot be verified or identified.

Q. Why do I need to get a second opinion for my automobile repair dispute?
A. Visa requires a 2nd opinion from a certified mechanic to validate the prior mechanics work, in dispute, to ensure that the disputed repairs are related to the repairs performed and authorized by the cardholder. A second opinion also ensures that the problem was resolved.

Q. Why do I need a cancellation number if I cancel my hotel reservation?
A. Visa requires proof of a hotel cancellation as hotels can charge a one night "no show" charge to an account where a room/reservation was held by a Visa card. Most hotels will provide a cancellation number as it is required for a dispute. Always ask for a cancellation number or at the very least get the full name of the reservation clerk before ending the call if they insist a cancellation number is not necessary or they do not provide cancellation numbers.

Q. What if my dispute reason is not listed on the form?
A. Fill out the form with the required information and attach a separate sheet of paper explaining your dispute. You may want to call the Card Services department at Star One for assistance.

Q. How will I know if my dispute is won?
A. As the dispute process can be quite lengthy, it is not always feasible to notify cardholders when a dispute is won which is why a provisional credit is given as soon as possible. However, if there is a problem with a dispute or additional documentation is required, you will be contacted.

Q. What if I'm missing some of the documentation I'm being asked to provide or I did not use a traceable method to return the merchandise?
A. Contact the Card Services department to review your dispute. Star One may still be able to file a "good faith" claim on your behalf for your dispute. (408) 543-5202 or toll free at (866) 543-5202.


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