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Identity Theft IQ Test

Are You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Test Your "Identity Quotient"!

I receive several offers for pre-approved credit cards every week. Yes = 5 points_____
I carry my social security card in my purse or wallet. Yes = 10 points_____
I have a mail box that is accessible to the general public. Yes = 5 points_____
I carry my military or other ID in my purse or wallet at all times. Yes = 10 points_____
I do not shred or tear up banking and credit information before I throw it away. Yes = 10 points_____
I provide my social security number to anyone who asks without asking why or how it is to be used or protected. Yes = 20 points_____
I am required to use my social security number as an employee ID number. Yes = 5 points_____
I have my social security number printed on my personal checks. Yes = 20 points_____
I have open credit accounts that I haven't used in years. Yes = 5 points_____
A relative has the family genealogy listed on the Internet that shows my date of birth and mother's maiden name. Yes = 5 points_____
I carry my insurance card in my wallet with my social security number as the ID number. Yes = 10 points_____
I have not ordered a copy of my credit report in the last year. Yes = 20 points_____
I am a student and my social security number is my ID number on campus. Yes = 10 points_____
I do not believe that people go through my trash looking for credit or
financial information.
Yes = 10 points_____
I provide credit card information on unsecured web sites. Yes = 10 points_____
I throw away (without shredding) my airline ticket stub. Yes = 10 points_____


100 points or more:

Your are in serious danger of being defrauded. The odds of your being victimized by some form of identity theft are better that three to four times the risk of the average consumer.

50 to 99 points:

Your odds of being victimized are about average. Higher if you have excellent credit.

25 to 49 points:

Congratulations! You have a high Identity Theft IQ. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest taking precautions, especially if you enjoy good credit.

Less than 25 points:

Your Identity Theft IQ is in the genius range. Please pass this test along to somebody who really needs it!

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