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Travel and Large Purchase Tips

Recently there have been a number of illegal skimming activities happening in Mexico and other foreign destinations. Find out more about skimming.

Large Purchase Tips

In order to protect you and to ensure the validity of your Visa card transactions, Star One has a system that detects transactions that are outside of your normal spending patterns. We normally place a temporary block on Visa cards if we notice any unusual activity. If you plan on traveling out of state or out of the country, or intend to make any large purchases, give us a call at (408) 543-5202 or (866) 543-5202 to talk to a card services representative. By letting us know in advance your transaction will take place smoothly.

Travel Tips

1. Prepare for your Trip

  • Take everything out of your wallet or purse that you don't need.
  • Photocopy or write down everything you keep in your wallet or purse. Take a copy with you and give a copy to somebody you trust and can contact if necessary, for example,
    • driver's license or ID number
    • passport number
    • traveler's cheques
    • ATM/Debit card and credit card numbers and expiration dates
    • your credit union and/or card issuer phone numbers
    • your Star One member number

Be sure to keep your written information in a location other than your wallet or purse!

2. Understand Foreign ATMs

  • Use the networks that are shown on the back of your Visa Debit Card or ATM card. Use your Visa Credit Card wherever you see the Visa logo. Remember, you can take cash advances against your credit card from any bank displaying the Visa logo.

ATMs outside of the United States do not normally include letters on their keypads. If you are currently using a text based PIN, you will need to convert it to a number based PIN. In addition, some foreign ATMs only take four digit PIN numbers. In this case, simply use the first 4 digits of your Star One PIN.

In many European countries the primary account is the checking account. As a result, you may not be given the option to withdraw funds from your savings account, since the checking account is assumed. If you have a savings account only, you may have difficulty using your ATM Card in Europe. Consider opening a Star One Checking Account.

Print your search results for easy reference while traveling.

3. Lost or Stolen Card Information

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at toll free (866) 543-5202 or (408) 543-5202. If you are traveling internationally, call us collect at (408) 543-5202.

If you can't reach us call Visa collect at (410) 581-9994, toll free at (800) VISA-911, or visit Visa's Customer Assistance page. (Note Star One Credit Union may not be listed behind the "Contact your financial institution immediately" link.) If you call Visa, they may ask you the following questions:

  • Your card number
  • Name of the bank that issued the card - (issuer's name)
  • Place/name of the country the card was issued
  • Type of card lost: Credit Card? Debit Card?
  • Cardholder's name
  • Billing address
  • Phone number on the account
  • Primary owner of the account and/or names of other cardholders
  • Date of birth
  • Date of last transaction
  • Driver's license/ passport number

Visa will notify us immediately. It's best to call Star One.

4. Transactions

Your account will be charged for the U.S. Dollar equivalent of your international transaction. Star One Credit Union does not determine the exchange rate. This is determined by the overseas merchant's financial institution or ATM network that you used.

Purchases and cash advances made in foreign countries will be billed to you in U.S. dollars.

Use Visa's currency converter to approximate the rate you will receive when using your card internationally. (Choose 0% from the Bank Fee drop-down menu as Star One does not charge a markup fee.)

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