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Trust Accounts

A trust is an estate-planning tool used primarily to avoid the delays and costs of the probate process.

What is a trust account?

In California, when a person dies and owns real property over $50,000 and personal property over $150,000, their property is transferred to their heirs through a court-supervised proceeding called "probate" that generally takes at least nine months, or even longer than a year.

A trust is an estate-planning tool used primarily to avoid the delays and costs of the public probate process.

An individual will typically work with an attorney or professional estate planner outside Star One Credit Union, to create a trust agreement.

Upon creating the trust, the individual transfers title of their Credit Union assets to be held under the trust.

How to open a trust account

  1. Create a trust agreement with a professional estate planner or attorney.
  2. Open a new Star One revocable trust membership online OR complete our printable mail-in membership application for irrevocable trusts, estate account trusts, or conversions of existing Star One memberships to a revocable trust.

Free estate-planning consultations

Star One members have access to complimentary estate-planning consultations through Affinity Trusts and discounted living trusts and other estate-planning documents prepared by the experienced attorneys at Citadel Law.

Star One member discount pricing for an Affinity Trusts Comprehensive Estate Plan starts at $1,795 for individuals, or $2,095 if married (compared to $2,495 and $3,495 at Citadel Law Corp).

Sign up for a free consultation today with an Affinity Trusts Estate Planning Representative:
(Pacific Time)

Scam and Fraud Alert

Several Star One members reported receiving a phone call or text from a person claiming to be from Star One's fraud department with a caller ID reflecting 866-543-5202.

The caller is impersonating a Star One employee to gain your trust with the goal of getting access to your account.

The caller may try to reassure you that it's OK to share your information—please hang up, it's not OK, EVER!