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Visa Secure

Shop online with confidence.

Visa has a service through participating merchant sites that provides an additional layer of protection when you shop online.

This authentication service helps Star One know you are really you and protects you from fraud.

As you complete your online transaction you may get prompted for a One Time Passcode (OTP). One Time Passcodes are a reliable way to validate transactions and verify information with the key differentiator that you are the one initiating the transaction. Never provide an OTP to someone who initiated contact with you. Always verify when in doubt.

To see a demonstration of Visa Secure and the expected transaction flow, visit:

Benefits of using Visa Secure

  • Reduced fraud for higher-risk transactions with participating merchants
  • Convenient One Time Passcode available to reduce friction during checkout

How it works

At the checkout for your online purchase you will see the Visa Secure badge on participating merchant sites. You will be guided through an extra step during checkout to verify yourself for transactions identified as high risk. If you have a cell phone or email address on file with Star One you will be able to choose where you wish to receive a One Time Passcode (OTP). Simply enter the OTP to complete your transaction. If you do not have a cell phone or email address you will instead see a phone number to call to speak with a member of the Visa Secure team to validate you.

How do I opt out of Visa Secure?

There are over 5,000 merchants who participate in Visa Secure including major retailers. If a merchant participates you will see either a Visa Secure badge or Verified by Visa at checkout.

Not all transactions will require verification even at participating merchants. Merchant participation in Visa Secure may change at the discretion of the merchant.

Review the Visa Secure Terms of Service Agreement.

  1. Can I use both credit and debit cards?
    Yes. This service was designed for both Visa credit and debit cards when shopping online.
  2. How will I know if my online purchase has this added layer of protection?
    This service automatically works at checkout with participating merchants for higher-risk transactions.
  3. What happens when I finish shopping?
    As you complete the transaction, you may be prompted to verify your identity if additional authentication is required. This extra verification step helps ensure the person using your card is you.
  4. I see the Visa logo when I'm going through the extra check. What's this about?
    If you do encounter this extra verification step, Visa helps route information to Star One so your identity can be verified. The Visa logo is there to give you peace of mind that the transmission is secure and reliable.
  5. I used to see Verified by Visa on your website. Is this service different?
    No. Although the Verified by Visa name is no longer in use, the same technology is in place to help protect you. In fact, this service was recently enhanced to make transactions more secure and the user experience more seamless. Please note some merchant sites may still display the old name.