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A Redesign for Online and Mobile Banking

New Digital Banking. One seamless experience.

To Our Valued Members:

We offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you experienced when trying to access the new Online and Mobile Banking systems and ask for your understanding and patience as we continue to work to resolve several issues related to the conversion. Further, we apologize for the long wait times you are experiencing when trying to reach our Call Center for assistance.

The intended purpose of the new Online and Mobile Banking systems was to offer an improved and unified digital banking experience with features members have asked for that were unavailable on the old Online and Mobile Banking platforms. Despite what we thought was thorough and comprehensive testing, we encountered several unforeseen problems, some of which caused our systems to respond slowly. That, combined with increased traffic to the sites and increased incoming calls, overwhelmed our systems and Call Center.

We recognize your frustration during this conversion. Our preparations and contingency plans were clearly not adequate to properly address the problems we encountered. We are learning from this experience and are confident we will deliver the valuable products and superior member service you expect from us. Be assured that we are committed to offering our members the best Online and Mobile Banking experience possible and will continue to work hard to ensure it happens.


Gary Rodrigues


Star One Credit Union

Your old Online Banking password expired October 16

Our redesigned Star One Digital Banking system went live and your current Online Banking username and password has expired.

Please use your Mobile Banking user ID and password to log into Online Banking.

Exciting new Bill Pay Service

All of your payees will be imported into the new Bill Pay system—you will not need to set them up again.

If you have scheduled any payments during the downtime, they will be processed as requested.

For any bills you have been receiving electronically through Bill Pay (e-Bills), you will need to re-activate them and schedule new payments.

That means you will start to receive your paper statement in the U.S. Mail until you re-establish your e-Bill. This process can take up to two billing cycles to complete; therefore you should consider making manual payments until your e-Bill is re-established.

Along with our new Digital Banking, we're pleased to present a new Bill Pay service that is available in our Mobile Banking App.

Learn more about the new Bill Pay service in the following video:

Welcome to the new Digital Banking!

Digital Banking brings the familiar, clean design of our Mobile Banking App to your Online Banking experience in a web browser—all under a single user ID.

It's as easy to use on a small-screen smartphone as on a desktop computer.

Digital Banking Help Guide

When is the upgrade?
We are scheduled to go live the morning of Monday October 16th. Be advised that on Friday October 13th the upgrade will begin, and Online Banking and Mobile Banking will be unavailable until the morning of October 16th.
  1. How do I log into the new Digital Banking system for the first time?
    To login for the first time, use your current Mobile Banking App User ID and Password. If you aren’t enrolled in Mobile Banking, you will select the Enroll Now option. Note, don’t use your Online Banking username and password.
  2. Can I log into with my current Online Banking username and password?
    No; do not use your current Online Banking username and password in the new interface. If you do you will receive an error message.
  3. Will my mobile app login work?
    Yes, for the initial login, please use your current Mobile Banking User ID and Password.
  4. How does my joint owner log in?
    They will be required to select the Enroll Now option unless they are already enrolled in Mobile Banking.
  5. Can I go back to the old site interface?
    No, all the of the features and functionality that you were used to are included in the new interface.
  6. How do I get support or provide feedback on the new interface?
    After logging in, you can use the Support button located at the bottom of the page to provide your feedback. Prior to logging in, you can use the website Contact Us form.
  7. Has all my account information been transferred over to the new system?
    Yes. All your account information has been transferred to the new system, including any Bill Pay items. You can go to the settings area to view and edit your account information.
  8. Do I need to re-setup my automatic payments or transfers?
    No. All of your automatic payments and recurring transfers have been moved to the new system.
  9. Do I have to set up my Bill Payees again?
    No. All your payees and payments will transfer over to the new system. Note that any eBills that you previously had turned on will not be available in the new system. You will be required to re-establish them.
  10. Where is FinanceWorks?
    We have replaced Finance Works with a new Financial Tool that provides more features and functionality. It can be accessed under the “Additional Services” menu and is called Financial Tools. You will be required to re-establish the aggregation of your external accounts, if applicable; however, your Star One transactional history will be available.
  11. Has anything changed with my account?
    No. Everything is the same with your account(s); they are just displayed in the new interface.

FinanceWorks is retiring

FinanceWorks was replaced by an enhanced personal finance tool called Financial Tool. You must re-establish the aggregation of your external accounts if applicable. However your Star One transactional history was converted into the new and improved tool.

eStatements and eNotices

If you were previously enrolled in eStatements, but not eNotices or eTax Forms, you are now auto-enrolled in eNotices and eTax Forms in the new online banking system. Additionally, there is now a single enrollment process for eStatements, eNotices and eTax Forms which gives you the option of electronic delivery of your documents. You may opt out at any time.

For Quicken and QuickBook users

You need to modify your software settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Please use the links below for instructions:


Attention: We are currently experiencing large call volume through our Call Center. Thank you for your patience.

A letter from our President—we apologize for the inconvenience you experienced when accessing the new Online and Mobile Banking systems.

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