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A Redesign for Online and Mobile Banking

New Digital Banking. One seamless experience.

Recent updates in Online Banking

Expanded account transaction history—The default history display has been expanded.

Pending transactions—The intermittent issue of not displaying pending transactions for credit and debit cards has been resolved.

Printable check images—A Print button is now available when viewing a check image.

Account nicknames—The ability to nickname your accounts in online banking has been restored.

Expanded history up to 12 months—The export feature now allows 12 months of history downloads. Formats added are QFX, QIF, QBO, and CSV.

Quicken integration—The delay in enabling Web Connect and Direct Connect has been resolved and we are now certified with Intuit.

Aggregator integration—Mint: you can now connect to the personal finance management software Mint to link and update your accounts. Please note you may be required to edit your Star One login information in Mint for the initial connection to be established. Additionally, it may take several weeks for all aggregators (Buxfer, Personal Capital, Quapital, etc) to be accessible due to their security testing, re-engineering, and final certification processes. Thank you for your patience as we work with them to get up and running as soon as possible.

Your old Online Banking password expired October 16

Our redesigned Star One Digital Banking system went live on October 16 and your Online Banking username and password expired at that time.

Please use your Mobile Banking user ID and password to log into Online Banking.

If you don't have a Mobile Banking user ID, select "Enroll Now" next to the login prompt.

New Bill Pay Service

All of your payees have been imported into the new Bill Pay system—you will not need to set them up again.

Bill Pay is also available in our Mobile Banking App.

For any bills you have been receiving electronically through Bill Pay (e-Bills), you will need to re-activate them by clicking on the “Set up eBill” and enter your biller account credentials and then complete set up.

That means you will start to receive your paper statement in the U.S. Mail until you re-establish your e-Bill. This process can take up to two billing cycles to complete; therefore you should consider making manual payments until your e-Bill is re-established.

Learn more about the new Bill Pay service in the following video:

Welcome to the new Digital Banking!

Digital Banking brings the familiar, clean design of our Mobile Banking App to your Online Banking experience in a web browser—all under a single user ID.

It's as easy to use on a small-screen smartphone as on a desktop computer.

Digital Banking Help Guide

  1. Why can’t I log in? And how do I log in?
    For security reasons, your old username and password did not transfer to the new online banking system. To log into the new system, select the Enroll Now option at the bottom of the login area and create a username and password.
  2. Do I need to use Mobile Banking?
    No, Mobile Banking is not necessary to enroll in the new Online Banking system.
  3. Why was the conversion done?
    The conversion was done to improve members’ experience both in Online Banking and Mobile Banking across all types of devices. The new system has a consistent look, feel, and functionality, regardless if you use a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet and enables you to read pages clearly without having to “zoom in” or enlarge your tablet or mobile screen. Plus, you can now enjoy the same useful features, such as Bill Pay, on any device or PC.

    Additionally, by discontinuing our partnership with the previous Online Banking provider, and working with the partner who powered our Mobile Banking platform, we are more prepared to deliver a product that better suits your needs now and in the future. Our current partner has worked with us for over six years, is solely focused on credit unions, and offers an online banking solution that is responsive, scalable, and centered on the user’s experience on all devices.
  4. Can I use the same user name and password that I had before?
    Yes. During enrollment you will be asked to create your new User ID and Password, which you can make the same as your old login credentials.
  5. Can both owners have the same username and password?
    No. The new Online Banking requires each owner of the account to have their own login credentials for additional security.
  6. Why can’t I see accounts and loans that I saw before?
    The new online banking platform is built on newer technology and is much more sophisticated than the old system. It knows if you are not a primary owner, joint owner, or co-borrower on a loan, and those accounts won’t display in the new system. This is standard in the industry.
  7. Did my automatic debits change?
    No, any pre-authorized automatic debits that you had previously set-up were not affected by the conversion.
  8. Did Bill Pay change?
    Yes, we changed Bill Pay providers. All of your previously set up billers and recurring payments automatically converted to the new system. However, you must set up your eBills (the electronic version of a bill that is delivered online in the Bill Pay system and replaces the paper invoice that is normally mailed to you) in the new system. Until your biller re-establishes your eBill, you should make manual payments in the system. To re-enroll your eBills, select the “eBill” link under each of your respective billers in the system.
  9. I don’t want eStatements and eNotices. Are they required?
    No, eStatements and eNotices are not required. However opting in helps you to qualify for Rewards Checking. You may choose to stop receiving eStatements and/or eNotices by clicking on the Statements button, then Actions, then Opt for Paper or Electronic Delivery.

eStatements and eNotices

If you were previously enrolled in eStatements, but not eNotices or eTax Forms, you are now auto-enrolled in eNotices and eTax Forms in the new online banking system. Additionally, there is now a single enrollment process for eStatements, eNotices and eTax Forms which gives you the option of electronic delivery of your documents. You may opt out at any time.

For Quicken and QuickBook users

You need to modify your software settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Please use the links below for instructions: