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Rate and Fee Schedule

Checking and savings account disclosure.

Savings and Checking Account rates

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022, 12:52:18 AM, Pacific Time

Rewards Checking Account



APY (0.60% rate)

Free Checking Account



APY (0.10% rate)

Student Checking Account



APY (0.10% rate)

Money Market Savings Account



APY (0.60% rate)

Special Savings Account



APY (0.60% rate)

The rules and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for Savings and Checking Accounts as stated on our rates page. If you have any questions or require current rate information on your accounts, please contact us.

Terms and Fees Disclosure

Except as specifically described, the following disclosures apply to all the accounts.

  1. Rate Information

    The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield on your accounts are stated on the rate page. The Annual Percentage Yield is the percentage rate that reflects the total of dividends to be paid on an account based on the dividend rate and frequency of compounding for an annual period. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change monthly as determined by the Credit Union Board of Directors.

  2. Nature of Dividends

    Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period. The Dividend Rate and APY are the prospective rates and yields that the Credit Union anticipates paying for the applicable dividend period.

  3. Compounding and Crediting

    Dividends will be compounded and credited as stated on the rate page. The Dividend Period for each account is also stated on the rate page. The Dividend Period begins on the first calendar day of the period and ends on the last day of the period.

  4. Accrual of Dividends

    Dividends will begin to accrue on non-cash (e.g. checks) and cash deposits on the business day you make the deposit to your account. If you close your account before accrued dividends are paid, you will not receive the accrued dividends.

  5. Balance Information

    The minimum balance required to open each account is stated on the rate page. Dividends are calculated by the daily balance method, which applies a daily periodic rate to the balance in the account each day. For money market and special savings accounts there is a minimum daily balance requirement to earn dividends. If you do not meet these daily balance requirements, your account may not earn dividends.

  6. Rewards Checking Qualification & Enhancements

    The Rewards Checking account is a tiered rate account based upon satisfying certain qualifications. If a primary member* meets the Rewards Checking qualifications for a particular month, the Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield for the following month will be the highest Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield shown. If you do not meet the Rewards Checking qualifications in one month, the Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield will be the lowest Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield shown. Qualifying transactions must posted to the account prior to the last day of the month. Debit & credit card purchases can take up to 3 days to post and are dependent on merchant processing times.

    *At least one membership account where an individual is named as the primary member must meet all qualifications.

    The qualifications for Rewards Checking enhancements include:

    • 10 debit or credit card purchases per month
    • enroll in and maintain eStatements, eNotices, eTax & eCoupons for your accounts and loans
    • $300 minimum monthly ACH credit transaction or $5000 in deposit or loan balances

    In addition to a higher Rewards Checking Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield, the benefits include:

    • No monthly service fee
    • Free Bill Pay
    • Surcharge refund up to $20/mo per member
    • Note: Qualified members who use out-of-network ATMs in the month following qualification will be rebated surcharges in the next month. Members with multiple memberships, the rebate will be posted to the checking account of the lowest numbered membership.
    • 1 box of 40 duplicate exclusive design checks per order at no charge (when ordered in the qualifying month
    • Unlimited Star One ATM withdrawals ... no charge

  7. Fees and Charges

    Summary of fees and charges for Star One accounts and services
    Checking Accounts
    Monthly Service Charge:
    Free, Rewards and Student Checking
    No Charge
    Student Checking (age 25 and younger) Surcharge refund up to $10/mo per memberNo Charge
    Check Printing Charges:
    Initial order of 40 duplicate exclusive design checks
    No Charge
    One box of 40 duplicate exclusive design checks
    $ 3.09 (*Plus S&H)
    One box of 80 duplicate exclusive design checks
    (Additional styles and designs are subject to vendor pricing)
    *Check orders are subject to additional shipping and handling fees from vendor
    $ 3.29 (*Plus S&H)
    Per Check Charge:No Charge
    Overdraft Transfer Fee
    From savings in $100 increments
    No Charge
    Amount of overdraft, if less than $100 is available and balance is sufficient to cover overdraft
    No Charge
    Check Copy**
    NOTE: Up to 2 check copies with respect to each statement cycle will be provided at no charge when the following information is supplied: check number, amount, payee, posting date and trace number (posting date and trace number are shown on the monthly statement).
    $ 2.00 each
    Rush/Faxed Check Copy
    $ 5.00 each
    Postdated Order (per check) (Postdated orders must be in writing)
    $ 15.00
    Bill Pay
    No Charge
    Cashier's Checks
    First Check request per dayNo Charge
    Up to 3 checks per day with account or loan relationship ≥ $5,000 or moreNo Charge
    Each additional check(s) issued at the Teller Window
    NOTE: No charge for checks payable to members for any amount through the Touchtone Teller or Secure Support link in Online Banking.
    $ 3.00
    Stop Payment Order $ 15.00
    Other Fees
    Return Item Fee/Overdraft (Courtesy Pay) Fee (per transaction)
    (Limit of 3 NSF/CP fees per day)
    1st occurrence free in year, subsequent transactions
    Returned check or electronic transactions due to: insufficient funds in account, closed account, refer to maker, improper completion of check, incorrect account number, check written against deposited funds not yet collected by the Credit Union, checks paid against insufficient funds, uncollected funds, or electronic items/checks overdrawing account paid for by the Credit Union (Courtesy Pay).

    $ 15.00
    Courtesy Pay Negative Balance Threshold LimitNo charge for $30 or under
    Foreign Check Collection Fee (Plus any bank charges - if applicable)$ 50.00
    Domestic Check Collection Fee$ 20.00
    Outgoing International ACH (Limited Countries) $ 20.00
    Incoming International ACH FeeNo Charge
    Incoming Wire FeeNo Charge
    Domestic Outgoing Wire Fee $ 40.00
    With account or loan relationship ≥ $5,000 $ 30.00
    International Outgoing Wire Fee $ 60.00
    With account or loan relationship ≥ $5,000 $ 50.00
    Duplicate Statement Copy$ 3.00
    Legal Response Fee (per request)$ 28.00
    Account Research/Reconciliation (per hour)(Based on 15-minute increments)$ 28.00
    Expedited Package Delivery, Domestic
    Only available for CU business
    Subject to vendor pricing
    Expedited Package Delivery, International
    Only available for CU business
    Subject to vendor pricing
    Returned Deposit/Payment from member$ 15.00
    Returned Deposit/Payment from non-member$ 10.00
    Stop Payment Order (including ACH)
    Via Branch or Call Center
    Via Online Banking

    $ 15.00
    $ 5.00
    Medallion Stamps (per person)
    2nd and subsequent signature
    Limit of 1 free
    $ 10.00
    VISA Gift Card$ 3.95 each
    Notary Fee (per person)
    2nd and subsequent signature
    Limit of 1 free
    $ 15.00
    Verification of Deposits and Immigration Letters$ 5.00 each
    Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$ 5.00 each
    Escheat Notification - 2nd Notice (California only)$ 2.00
    Escheat Notification - accounts <$25
    State Regulated
    No Charge
    Invalid Address (2nd and each subsequent notice)$ 2.00
    VISA Currency Conversion/Foreign Transaction FeeNo Charge
    Replacement CardsFirst free per year, subsequent $5.00
    Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
    Transactions at Star One CU owned ATMNo Charge
    Point of Sale PurchasesNo Charge
    Transactions at non-proprietary ATM or merchant:
    Additional fees may be imposed by the machine owner or merchant. These will be assessed and disclosed at the machine or Point of Sale terminal.
    ACH Funds Transfer Fee (restrictions apply)
    Recurring ACH Transfer Set-up (incoming)
    No Charge
    Recurring ACH Transfer Set-up (outgoing)
    $ 5.00
    Recurring ACH Cancellation Fee (within 90 days of set-up)
    $ 5.00
    Online Banking:
    ACH Online Self Service Set-up
    No Charge
    Each Online Standard ACH Transfer (incoming)
    No Charge
    Each Online Standard ACH Transfer (outgoing)
    No Charge