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Financial Hardship Assistance

Assistance to members having difficulties with their Star One payments.

Member Loan Payment Assistance

Star One Credit Union's assistance is available to members impacted by COVID-19 with their Star One loan payments*.

We may be able to provide temporary assistance with your loan payments by providing deferred payments for Consumer and Real Estate Loans. You can defer your payment up to 90 days**.

During this time, finance charge will accrue but you will not be charged any late charges. We will need a letter describing the circumstances of financial hardship. Please do not provide any medical information on the request.

Learn more or request payment assistance.

Star One is committed to doing all we can to help people impacted by COVID-19, but wait times from calls on online requests may be longer than usual.


*This program is not offered for student loans. Please contact University Accounting Services at 800-723-2210 for information about forbearance offered for student loans.

**Loan payments must be current or less than 30 days delinquent to qualify for this program. Please contact a Loan Adjustor for information about our other hardship programs.


Scam and Fraud Alert

Remember that Star One employees will never call you to verify or ask for your personal information.

Providing your personal information, such as card PINs, online banking credentials or one-time passcodes, to anyone may make you responsible for any fraudulent activity that happens on your Star One accounts.